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MD제품/악세사리 RASTAL GmbH & Co. KG (Booth Num: )
Category :MD Product
Contact :+49-2624-16189
Location :Rastal-Strasse 1 56203 Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany
RASTAL - with a great deal of love for the product and for an idea that makes the difference: Craft Master One, Teku, Craft Master Two and Craft Master Bowl. From the pioneers in glass - cheers!
Product List
  • Lawrence
    The perfect all-rounder for craft beer! The tulip-shaped design with increased stability is the ideal tasting glass and scores equally in catering use. (19.5 cl | 40 cl)
  • Teku Taster
    Inspired by the world famous, often replicated but so far unbeaten Teku goblets, the Teku Taster represents the perfect combination of aesthetics, elegance and functionality. With a brimfull volume of 19.4 cl the tumbler provides the best requirements for all kind of tastings. (19.4 cl)
  • Craft Master One
    A modern glass for genuine craft beer enjoyment. Its sensorially well-conceived shape with the elegant bend serving as a visual fill aid, as well as its versatility for varied beer styles brings functional appeal and thus added value to catering and hospitality venues. (19.5 cl | 38 cl | 47.3 cl | 56.8 cl)