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원재료 Castle Malting® S.A (Booth Num: )
Established in 1868 in close vicinity to the splendid castle of Beloeil, Castle Malting® is the oldest malting company in Belgium and one of the oldest malt producers in the world.
Category :Raw Materials
Keyword :#Malt_Diversity #High_Quality #Roasting_Technics
Contact :+32 87840324
Location :94 rue de Mons, 7970 Beloeil, Belgium
Castle Malting offers a full range of malts for any type of beer or whisky a creative brewer or distiller may think of: more than 80 types of base and specialty malts - from the palest to the darkest kind – from barley, wheat, and other cereals. We produce standard base and specialty malts, customized base and specialty malts as per the customer’s specifications, as well as a full range of organic malts. We also offer peated malts in complete range of phenol intensities for brewing and distilling.