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MD제품/악세사리 HLB (Shanghai) glassware Co., Ltd. (Booth Num: )
HLB(Shanghai)Glassware Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of all kinds of beer glasses, we can also custom make the logo decoration.
Category :Machinery
Keyword :#Beer_Glass #Soju_Glass #Wine_Glass
Contact :+86-21-6771-8091
Location :Bldg 6-1, No.669, Minta Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, China
HLB Glassware Co, Ltd. is located in china economic center -Shanghai. We specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of glassware. Our products mainly for middle-and upper-classes also for the world famous liquor brands. HLB is relay on professional and flexible deep processing technology to provide customers with sophisticated options. Our main products: whiskey glass , beer glass, red wine glass, champagne glass, and advertising cup etc . Our business scope includes glassware and product processing, such as baking sticker, sandblasting, screen-printing etc. Based on the first class product quality and excellent service, we have received favorable comment from customers. HLB has establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation with Carlsberg, Asahi, Budweiser, Heineken, and other famous enterprises currently. Relying on excellent technology, strict quality control and convenient logistics distribution, provide our best service and products to the customer is our constant pursuit.
Product List
  • Beer glass
  • Wine glass
  • Whiskey glass