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작성자 최고관리자 조회 953회 작성일 20-02-18 09:58
장비/설비 ROLEC Prozess - und Brautechnik GmbH (Booth Num: )
Provide brewing equipment from raw material inlet until finished beer.
Category :Machinery
Keyword :#Brewing #Process_technology #Packaging
Contact :+49(0)8664-9272-0
Location :Eichfeldstr. 2 83339 Chieming Germany
If you are looking for systems and concepts that are planned and implemented according to your needs and your specific requirements you should head for Chieming where you will find us, ROLEC Prozess- und Brautechnik GmbH, your partner for individual and tailor-made systems for the brewing and beverage industry. Our philosophy is to put the spotlight on your product and to design our equipment accordingly, to best suit your needs - not the other way around. Many of the most successful specialty and craft beer breweries in the world trust this concept and work with ROLEC brewing and beverage plants. We hope that our concepts and equipment will convince you as well and that we can welcome you as a ROLEC customer. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD OF BREWERY DESIGN. WELCOME TO ROLEC.