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장비/설비 CFT S.p.A (Booth Num: )
CFT Group designs and manufactures modular brewing equipment able to be tailored made according to any customer’s need.
Category :Machinery
Keyword :#Brewing #Process_technology #Packaging
Contact :+39-052-127-7111
Location :Via Paradigna, 94/A 43122 Parma Italy
With over 900 employees, more than 15.000 references, 15 brands, more than 6 production facilities, and a widespread network of 10 subsidiaries and more than 90 agents, CFT Group is synonymous of quality, innovation and reliability worldwide. CFT Group Beverage Division can count on decades of experience and know-how of leading brands such as Rolec and Comac, which allow CFT GROUP to designs, engineers and manufactures machineries and complete turnkey lines with the most advanced technologies.