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브루어리 Green Flash Brewing Company (Booth Num: )
Category :Brewery
Contact :858-622-0085
Location :6550 Mira Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92121
Green Flash - Beer trailblazers! From our home in San Diego, our talented brewing team have developed an award-winning assortment of specialty craft ales that are uniquely Green Flash. After releasing the game changing West Coast IPA, our beers developed a loyal following of craft beer lovers. We remain steadfast in our commitment to a beer first philosophy. To keep our fans thirsty for more, we consistently produce experimental, limited-edition and seasonal offerings in addition to a solid lineup of long-time favorites.
Product List
    As craft beer pioneers, we defined a style by brewing the benchmark West Coast IPA, putting Green Flash on the map. Made with five different hops for complex layers of pine, floral, & ripe citrus aromas.
    Inspired by the epic Baja journey to find an ultimate adventure, Baja Bound Lager is a light, smooth and refreshing pale lager with a malty character, balanced by a touch of hops.
    Our brewers rip—creating some of the finest IPAs in the lineup. Soul Style breaks gently on the palate with waves of bright citrus and floral hop flavors from layers of Citra, Simcoe and Cascade hops.