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브루어리 Upslope Brewing Co. (Booth Num: )
Category :Brewery
Contact :+1 303-396-1898
Location :1898 S. Flatiron Court, Boulder, CO 80301
Supremely palatable ales and lagers that are bursting with flavor. Thats the standard weve set for every Upslope you reach for. Hand-crafted in small batches, our beer is pure goodness, served up in a portable, recyclable can for the beer enthusiast who loves nothing more than leaving civilization behind. Using only the purest ingredients snowmelt, premium malts, hops, and brewers yeast we expertly coax our beer until it reaches optimum flavor. Because no matter how far you go, you should never be far from a well-crafted beer.
Product List
    Our Craft Lager is a premium American lager brewed entirely of malted barley. Snowmelt-infused and river-ready, this Colorado-style session beer stands side-by-side with our family of premium ales to bring you a clean, easy, light-bodied lager for the ages.
    Prominently featuring Citra hops, our Citra Pale Ale delivers pungent grapefruit and tropical fruit aromas on the nose with a semi-dry finish. Juicy notes imparted by the hops pair with the light caramel malt character to balance this drinkable, “go-to” American Pale Ale.
    Our India Pale Ale will appeal to the beer enthusiast who desires a bold, deep and bitter ale. With a coppery color indicative of a traditional IPA, Upslope India Pale Ale has a complex malty character and is more well-balanced than most IPAs, but still offers that bitterness that IPA lovers seek. Complex malty character meets the bitter side.