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브루어리 North Peak Brewing Company (Booth Num: )
Category :Brewery
Contact :+1 231-941-7325
Location :400 West Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49684
In 1997, North Peak Brewing Company opened in Traverse City, MI with the mission of brewing beer that captures the essence of Northern Michigan. The North Peak mantra is “Get Outside” because in Northern Michigan there is so much life to live outdoors. North Peak is dedicated to conservation, we brew by a simple philosophy: give back to the environment and Mother Nature will be very good to you.
Product List
  • Diabolical
    Diabolical has hops from nose to tail. This IPA is unfiltered and dry-hopped with Michigan grown Chinook and Cascade hops. It has a smooth malt character and citrus pine aroma.
  • Boardman Nut Brown
    Amber/brown in color, Northern English Nut Brown Ale, brewed with Slovenian Hops. Malt focused with nites of hazelnut and walnut.
  • Downstream Cream Milk Stout
    Roasted Malt Character with a creamy mouthfeel