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브루어리 Einbecker (Booth Num: )
Category :해외 브루어리
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Over 600 years of brewing tradition, the most modern brewing technology, and a highly qualified team of employees make up the recipe for our company’s success.Because of its bock beer brewing tradition, the brewery belongs to the most renowned and respected breweries in Germany. World-famous beer style BOCK was founded at Einbeck.
Product List
    Naturally cloudy and full-bodied – Genuine strong beer enjoyment. When Martin Luther received a mug of Einbecker Beer at the Worms Reichstag in 1521 he called out “the best drink known to man is called Ainpöckisch Beer.”Already after his disputation in Leipzig in the year 1519 the council of the town of Wittenberg did welcome him by a jar of Einbecker Beer.
  • Brauherrenpils
    »The Original« A characteristic bitter taste, unique and perfectly matured. The perfect composition of the best hops and selected fine malts bring the classic bitter character of Einbecker Brewery Premium Pils to mature perfection. The classic from Einbeck is a pure delight, either freshly tapped in a glass or in its exclusive bottle.
  • Ur-Bock hell
    »The Classic« Einbecker Ur-Bock lager is the “Beer of all Beers”, characterized by a subtle hint of hops in accordance with the original recipe. Full-bodied, spicy aromatic flavor!